What’s in the works?

We are currently expanding our suite of exciting news tools and will soon be introducing our News Verification Tool! Also take a look and try out at our new log in where you are able to create a profile enabling you to save your searches. But wait there’s more! From 2017 we will be bringing you even more cool stuff to help media do a better job and help citizens hold media accountable.

MMA Introduces Open & Disclose

Open & Disclose aims to provide a platform for media organisations, journalists, columnists, and commentators to make public their interests, with the aim of strengthening institutional credibility, accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness. In a time of increasing scrutiny of the media, it is critical that journalists and media houses adhere to best practice, which will also serve as an essential means of self-defence. The platform aims to:

  • Strengthen media’s institutional credibility, accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness.
  • Encourage a media environment built on transparency, credibility, accuracy and facts, thus improving the levels of trust between media/journalists and the public.
  • Ensure a media that continues to hold the powerful (politicians and corporations) to account, applying the same standards to their own organisation, allowing their audiences to hold them accountable, ultimately creating a relationship built on transparency, credibility, trust and accurate information.

We will also develop a widget plugin that media organisations will be able to embed on their own sites. This can be included at the end of an individual journalist’s article which will be directly linked to the specific journalist’s profile on Open & Disclose.

All these are great but how do we know and deal with nuance, its fine to have verifiable criteria but what about one media house vs another? What happens if they err more regularly than another? For this we need you, and other active citizens to share your views, after all it is the audiences who will determine what is more or less credible, so we are busy building KnowNews Community.