What is it?

An open source, easy-to-use toolkit of analytical software for African journalism observatories to keep media institutions honest, help improve media professionalism and promote quality journalism.


Online news is becoming a primary information source for Africans, but there are scant systems for accountability. Problems include media organizations retroactively changing their stories (perhaps due to censorship pressures) and regurgitated press releases without independent reportage.
The MoJO tools are designed to address this by providing a level of accountability and transparency in Journalism.

About MMA

Media Monitoring Africa is a non-profit organisation that promotes democracy and a culture where media and the powerful respect human rights and encourage a just and fair society. Our theory of change holds that a just and fair society is, in part, enabled by a critical, diverse and ethical media as well as powerful groups that communicate openly, transparently and effectively and transparently. For this to happen citizens need to be connected and engaged and media needs to be responsible and accountable to its audiences. That is why we do not only monitor and analyse media related content but also train media workers and citizens on rights-based reporting, place rights-driven content in mainstream media, and lobby some of the most powerful groups on media related matters.